If you’re lesbian you might not know you too can get HSV-1&2

herpes true storyWhen we were young and being taught about STDs, we learned that they are transmitted through sex between a man and a woman or mother to child. No one ever imagined the life I would later choose to live was also vulnerable to these viruses.

In college as a freshman, I joined a group of girls who were wild but never hung around boys. To me it seemed strange at first but it was kind of cool hanging around women only. Due to my naivety I failed to realize that all the girls were lesbians but had a way of integrating others without them realizing.

They would first start with a friendly girly kiss, then it became frequent and eventually a way of life. Then came the more serious stuff and soon, we were in sexual relationships.

One night I felt itchy around my vagina, and upon closer inspection, noticed lesions and pores that were painful to touch. I had not seen them ever in my life so I rushed to the school doctor. Upon being tested the results indicated that I was positive for HSV-1 and HSV-2. I cried so hard not believing at 19 I would be taking treatment for an STD.

I never though lesbians were vulnerable to such infections. I might have learnt my lesion the hard way but I can now educated other lesbians about the infection and how to avoid getting infected.

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