Cure For Herpes Information

First, it is important to mention that oral herpes and genital herpes are not curable but are treatable. However, that will not be the case forever. There are different studies and research that are promising in making a herpes cure. These include immunotherapy and micro-RNA treatments. It is important to understand herpes cure information before you fall for the scams trying to sell herpes cures that do not work.

Why Is It Still Difficult To Cure Herpes?

Herpes has characteristics that make it difficult to cure or make a cure. However, it is possible to suppress outbreaks through suppressive therapies.

Through the treatments, you can reduce the outbreaks and the pain they cause. This can be done through conventional medication or alternative treatment. The process of developing treatments is completely different from making a cure that will completely eliminate the virus.

During the active time of herpes, the virus will hide in the nervous system cells. The infection is latent between outbreaks. Latent herpes cannot be identified by the immune system or medication. This is exactly why making the cure is a hard nut to crack. During the active period, some of the viruses will come out of hiding to wreak havoc. As long as there is some virus still hiding, a treatment that can lead to curing remains impossible.

Home and Alternative Treatments for Herpes

Do We Expect A Herpes Cure?

There is a lot of research in its early days. That does not mean that we should stop being hopeful. It is important to note that it takes years to go from a solution in the lab to a safe cure that can be used by humans. Also, not all the cures made in labs will work perfectly for everyone. We can definitely expect to have a cure in future because there are scientists working around the clock trying to develop a cure that will work for humans without causing bigger problems.

Is It True That There Is No Herpes Cure Anywhere In The World?

If you search for herpes cure online, you will get hundreds of thousands if not millions of results. Most people get frustrated when they learn that there is no cure since the information online leads them to believe that there is a herpes cure. Many people are convinced that the cure is being hidden from them and that their doctors do not know about it.

The main reason behind such information is the fact that there is a lot of herpes cure fraudulent information. The internet is full of fake herpes cures being advertised by unscrupulous people interested in making quick money from desperate patients. The desperation is usually because of the fact that herpes is stigmatizing and most people do not want to talk about it including doctors.

You should not be afraid that you might be missing out on some hidden herpes cure. Herpes is such a huge problem around the world. If someone came up with the cure, they would probably win multiple awards including a Nobel prize.

In conclusion

The development of cures and vaccines is not an easy process. It takes years of development and testing and more testing. Every disease comes with its own challenges, which explains why scientists have not yet developed the cure for Herpes or HIV. However, they have been able to develop a HPV vaccine which means that we can be hopeful.

If you are living with herpes, you are not alone. There are many other people going the same situation as you. The available treatments will go a long way in helping you deal with the symptoms and outbreaks that might make your life uncomfortable. The most important thing is to not fall into the scams that sell herpes cures because we still do not have a cure for herpes simplex virus.