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Genital Herpes Symptoms in Men

Herpes Symptoms In Men

Genital herpes may or may not have symptoms in men. Approximately two-thirds of people living with herpes do not have symptoms, with some experiencing mild symptoms. Some of these mild symptoms are confused with other skin conditions. Though the symptoms are not present, it is still possible for an infected person to transmit the virus to an uninfected individual. For this reason, in addition to understanding the herpes symptoms in men, it is important to get tested for both herpes simplex virus type 1 and herpes simplex virus type 2.

Symptoms of Herpes in Men

Most of the people do not experience any symptoms or have silent symptoms which are mild symptoms that are easily confused with other medical conditions.

Herpes Symptoms in Men by Meet Positives

Herpes Symptoms in Men


Common Herpes Symptoms In Men

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Tiredness
  • Body  aches
  • Swollen lymph node
  • Blisters or sores on the penis

Rare Symptoms

  • Meningitis
  • Encephalitis
  • Eczema herpeticum
  • Eye infection
  • Ulcers, blisters and sore around or inside the anus, around the thighs and buttocks.

How Do I Know I Have Herpes

Genital herpes is the kind of infection that will not show symptoms in everyone. This means that you might be infected, and still not have any symptoms that can tell that you are infected. The only sure way to know if you are infected is being tested. Test for both herpes simplex virus type one HSV-1 and herpes simplex virus simplex type 2 HSV-2.  Some symptoms to pay attention to include painful urination, tiredness, headaches, swollen lymph nodes, body aches, fever and sores or blisters in the areas around your genitals.

Genital Herpes Outbreaks in Men
How to know if you have genital herpes

Genital Herpes Facts in Men

Men with genital herpes have reported having fewer outbreaks as years go by. Early warning signals that are followed by outbreaks include shooting pain in the legs, buttocks, and hips, and mild tingling. These symptoms may last between 2 hours and two days. After the warning signals, also known as prodromal symptoms, blisters turn into red spots that are painful. These red spots then turn into yellowish blisters full of clear fluids. The blisters then burst and leave ulcers that heal in a period of about ten days.

In Conclusion

It is a good idea to understand the symptoms of herpes in men to be in a better position to identify if you have herpes. The good news is that there are medications that can treat these symptoms to make your life better and comfortable.


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